Travel Light | Packing for France

September 23, 2016 0 Comments

A principle in life to remember is to travel light. You are traveling all the time. Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light. – Yogi Bhajan

I didn’t realize how much of a hoarder I actually was until Tuesday night when I was “packing.” And by packing, I mean sitting in a pile of pens, paint sets, and notebooks from high school wondering how I was supposed to fit my life into the suitcases staring at me from the other side of the room.

In that moment, I could feel the heaviness of the last few months of my life finally catching up with me. My last year of college was the most difficult year, while also being one of the best, and there seemed to be a cloud of emotional, spiritual, and personal baggage just hanging over me. Sitting under the mass of stuff I have collected throughout my life, I realized that all this stuff was the physical embodiment of the heaviness I have felt this year… the heaviness I want to leave behind as I start a life in France.

My mom is great at cleaning and getting rid of stuff – she’s the minimalist ying to my sentimental yang – so I enlisted her help in clearing out the heaviness that consumed my space. Within an hour and a half, my room went from overgrown library to an intellectual oasis. The things I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of were neatly stacked against a wall, and the rest in an orderly pile on my desk, ready to be stowed in a suitcase.

Moving to a different country is the ultimate way to start fresh. But I knew couldn’t start fresh if I carried the weight of my possessions with me. Not only is that logistically frightening (I live on the third floor of my building), I just didn’t want the physical heaviness to impede my new adventure. So I decided to travel light. This move is about being light – living in the moment of every day. Collecting moments and memories, not things.

I’ve freed up the space in my life that was occupied with stuff so I can fill it with the things that will matter most: the people I will meet, the friends I will make, and the moments that will come to mean the most.

Now, I should probably go back to those suitcases.

À bientôt.