FRANCE! My First Two Weeks

October 16, 2016 3 Comments

It has been just over two weeks here in France, and I can’t really believe it. In some ways, it feels like I’ve been here for months already. I think going straight from playing in Paris with my dad to working in Bethune is part of the reason I feel that way, and it has been insanely busy between figuring out work schedules, paperwork, visa stuff, healthcare, etc. and most nights I just fall asleep really early. In other ways, I’m painfully aware of how little time I’ve actually been here. I miss my parents and my friends all the time, even as I’m making friends here. Sometimes I see something that makes me think of my mom, or my dad, and I go to call them and realise it’s 3:30 in the morning in Colorado.

I wasn’t sure what to say for this first blog post, and I fully intended on posting much sooner. There is a lot to say, a lot has happened in such a short amount of time. I’ve been exploring new cities and seeing some amazing places and things, meeting new people every day, and adjusting to a new job (and a much different schedule). So there’s a lot to say, but I seem to be at a loss for words.

It’s been challenging adjusting to this new life in France, especially not knowing if I want it to be temporary or more permanent, in a country where I speak the language but still get lost in conversations (and the grocery store), away from home and the comforts of knowing what to expect.

While sometimes I find myself sad missing home, I turn around and see the bellfry in my town, or the view from the train rumbling through French farmland to Lille and I realise that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now. So overall, I have a feeling of gratitude that I get to have this kind of experience, an experience that I have wanted for such a long time. My heart is at home in France, and in time I think the rest of me will follow.

Here are some of the highlights from my time so far in France:


Paris Facades from the Centre Georges Pompidou


The Beffroi of Bethune.


The Louvre-Lens museum.


Arras from above – view from the Beffroi.


Facades of Arras in the small square.


Friends. 🙂

  • I think you’re incredibly brave moving so far from home and what’s familiar Zoe! I always like the idea of moving far from home and starting fresh and from scratch – it always sounds so romantic. But in reality I’m far too scared… I admire your decision! And it’s amazing that you’re happy with your decision and enjoying this new experience and everything it has to offer. I hope it’s everything you wanted it to be! xx

  • Oui In France

    Pretty pics! I know what you mean about speaking the language but still getting lost. This month marks my 5-year anniversary here and things do get easier. French is still a “foreign” language though. Good luck w/everything! 😉

    • Wow! That’s so amazing… 5 years. I don’t know if I”m going to last the one. Thanks for your encouragement!